Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

It's the little things...

I'm really glad Lynette mentioned National Coney Island, a diner in the Detroit airport she discovered on a recent trip. I headed there in between flights, and had an excellent and reasonably priced breakfast... a ham and cheese omelet and hash browns were $6.99, and bottomless coffee was a downright affordable $1.59.

On my way out, when I went to pay at the counter, I handed a pen to the man in front of me so he could sign his credit card slip, since the cashier was poking around helplessly looking for one. She was so grateful, she gave me a discount on my check when she rang it up. It took me a second to catch on; they must have a button to apply a discount for airline personnel or airport staff, I suppose.

As usual, I brought snacks for the flight attendants, plastic cups with granola bars and chocolates. (Half-price Easter candy FTW!) The flight attendant on my first flight seemed flummoxed, then held it up to show the people around us as if to say, "Here's how you treat your airline crew!" She also thanked me several times, including as we were getting off the plane in Detroit. The cabin crew on my second flight assumed, as happens pretty often, that I'm trying to hand them garbage, and said "Just set it over there." I had to explain that it was really for them. One of the FAs exclaimed, "Ooh, you brought us chocolate!"

It's the little things. :-)

Last night, I copied a few shows from my TiVo to my iPad to watch on the plane, and I started with Betty White's new show, "Off their Rockers." It's full of old people playing pranks on young people, and it made me laugh enough that I probably won't watch the second episode for now! I moved on to "Suburgatory," which is funny but a little safer.

They just started "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol." Good thing I've already seen it, as the subtitles on the teeny overhead-mounted screens probably wouldn't even be readable if I stood up and walked over to the screen. Tom Cruise looks great in this, and nowhere near his age, but the difference is still pretty stark compared to "A Few Good Men," which I caught glimpses of on the wall at Pixel the other night during trivia. In that, he still looked a lot like the kid from "Risky Business." I should watch "A Few Good Men" again soon. It's been a while.

I love living in the future...

I'm not bothering to pay for GoGo Inflight Internet, especially since it's now full price for iPads rather than discounted, as they advertise for "smartphones and mobile devices." I liked the discounted rate on the iPad back in the day. Might as well save the money, of which my supply is finite. I was pleasantly surprised to find my Boingo account was still active, though, when I signed on in Detroit.


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