Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Familiar haunts

Tempted as I was briefly to spend more time in San Jose and explore a city I really haven't spent time in, I'm glad I flew into San Francisco and made some plans up here today. Getting from SFO onto BART (the regional subway) wasn't nearly as trivially easy as getting from ATL onto Marta is, but it certainly wasn't too bad.

I rode into downtown and met Cori for lunch about an hour after I got off the plane. A few of you know her; she's an IC alum and musical actor who moved out here a couple of years ago. She's in Cabaret right now, but it's way out in Larkspur, so it won't make much sense for me to try to get to a performance. Ah well. We had lunch at Local Kitchen, where we'd gone for dessert and drinks last June, a couple of blocks from her day job. Great steak salad, if oddly skimpy on everything but the steak! Her Local Salad was bigger, enough so that she didn't feel like finishing it, so I helped. Lots of greens and lardons and shaved cheese and candied walnuts.

Since then I've been relaxing, mostly in the area I'm familiar with from my conference visits. I hung out in the sun in Yerba Buena Gardens for quite a while, then moved into the Marriott Marquis. The Wi-Fi was better in the park! A little after they opened at 4, I headed up to The View, the 39th-floor lounge at the Marriott with, as you can imagine, remarkable views of the city and the bay. They have some nice happy hour specials, and I'm enjoying a grain-free margarita. (Even drinking is tough during Passover!)

A chatty German family sat down nearby a little while ago, and they innocently (giving them the benefit of the doubt) tried to order a cocktail for their daughter. The waitress asked for ID proving she's 21, and they admitted she was 20. Her younger brother and sister are obviously not old enough to drink, but I bet she's been getting away with it a lot.

One more friend to meet up with downtown in a little bit, before I head to the Mission to visit helianthas.


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