Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

New low cholesterol count! (206.6)

A year ago was my highest recorded cholesterol level, but I must be doing something right. Last week's blood test had my lowest count since 2005, when I went on Lipitor. That's not a sign that I can stop taking Atorvastatin, just an indication that it's doing its job in conjunction with a reasonable diet and moderate amount of exercise.

Hot MessMy blood pressure this morning (130/88) was also as high as I can remember seeing it, but last week's was fine, and it's still nowhere near what George would consider a level to be concerned about. I'm much more commonly around 120/70.

I had over an hour to kill before I needed to be at the Inn at 2, but not quite enough time to bother going home, so I celebrated my good health by swinging by the Lincoln Street Diner. The sandwich special was the "Hot Mess." Salami, turkey, cappicolla, and provolone with pickles and hot pepper relish on marble rye, grilled. Wow.

Yesterday's early morning, after Sunday night's very-late night, was tough. I was in the mood for a nap when I left the Inn around 12:30, but had some errands to do, including giving a friend a lift to pick up kids at school. I was drifting off a little in front of the TV last night, but stayed awake long enough to edit the first half of the Castaways show photos and get them up to Facebook. I was in bed a few minutes after midnight, which is really early for me.

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