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No surprise I'm exhausted... (206.0)

Friday was a long day, starting with a couple of hours filling in for the morning DJ at WVBR. I followed the 24-hour marathon of the Rob n' Rege Show, and one bonus was the leftover coffee and donuts. :-) Then, after a few hours at the "day job," baking the night's desserts, I drove up to Rochester for John and Rupal's wedding celebration. They had a small ceremony earlier in the day, in a beautiful city hall atrium, and had pictures running on a laptop slide show during the party. The party itself was in John's sister's ridiculously awesome loft apartment downtown, which made me want to see if there are any old industrial buildings for sale around here that could be turned into loft apartments.

Saturday, I drove to my parents' house for a pre-Mothers-Day gathering, which guest-starred two family friends from France. It was the younger sister of the guy who'd come to visit us, and whose family I'd gone to visit, when we were in high school... and her girlfriend. If you followed that. I arrived in time to join the ladies for a brief guided tour of Dobbs Ferry. Marie-Pierre had been there with her family years ago, as a teenager, so they got to see some spots she remembered. It was my first time in a while swinging by the elementary school, which has had a couple of additions since I last looked. These things happen.

After this morning's breakfast, which featured Cap'n Crunch for Anne, who loves the stuff and wishes she could get it in France, I drove back for this afternoon's wedding! (The original plan was to be at a Mothers Day dinner in NYC.) This one was of Mark and Tammera, whom some of you may have met at my place or around town. Fun family, fun party, and a great setting, at the Thirsty Owl Winery.

I was tired enough last night to fall asleep shortly after midnight, and I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight. I guess it adds up to about thirteen hours of driving in 48 hours. (Wow, that sounds like a lot when I add it up.)

In other news, Alicia Silverstone is astonishingly awesome on "Suburgatory." It's a fun show, and she's a great recent addition.

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