Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

When's the last time you saw a TV repair shop?

I guess my Sony HDTV is about five years old, or maybe six, and there's no reason it couldn't be perfectly adequate for another five or six. At 42 inches and seven feet away, it doesn't much matter that it's not a 1080p TV.

The problem is that the HDMI port (yes, it has just one) has been increasingly flaky. The picture often flickers or cuts out, and while sometimes it settles itself down in a minute, I often have to get up and go unplug and reconnect the HDMI cable to get the picture back solid for a while. (Yes, I've replaced the cable.)

I'm sure replacing the HDMI port in the TV would solve the problem entirely, but even if I could find someone who'd do that, I can't see schlepping this behemoth to a shop. (It's not a flat-panel device that can be lifted by one hand, but a rear-projection LCD TV.)

As a workaround, I'm doing most of my TiVo watching using the component cables, which have no such problem. That has a couple of drawbacks, though, in that the Apple TV and Blu-ray Disc player need the HDMI connection, and with the audio ports going to the TV alongside the component connection, they can't go to the Slingbox. (I use that rarely enough that it shouldn't be a big deal.)

Even if I weren't on an austerity budget until I get a full-time job, I'd feel silly buying a new TV when this one mostly works. One thought I had is that I could switch it with the newer 32-inch Samsung in my bedroom, but that would be noticeably smaller in the living room and the Sony would look ridiculous in the bedroom.

I suppose eventually I'll get a newer TV in the living room that'll slowly pay for itself by using less electricity, but for now, I'll make do with this one.

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