Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The Cup is in the house… (207.0)

Lord Stanley's Cup has been brought into the Staples Center, in case it's to be awarded tonight. The Devils haven't given up yet, but the Kings' 4-1 lead after two periods makes a win -- which would end the Finals -- seem likely.

There's a reverence for this trophy that you don't see for any other trophy in all of Sport. I love this story:

SOME SECRETS ARE really hard to keep. I asked the National Hockey League if I could have the Stanley Cup for a day; the league said yes, so long as I didn't tell anybody. You have to understand: I live in a small Canadian town called Port Hope, about an hour east of Toronto. For us up here, the Stanley Cup is close to a religious artifact; it might be the one inanimate object that every single Canadian could recognize instantly, even though we don't win it anymore.

Victorious players each get the Cup for a day, one of the countless reasons it's the best trophy in sports. They've taken it to the tops of mountains and on the backs of their motorcycles; they've eaten popcorn and Froot Loops out of it; they've christened their babies in it.

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