Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Breakfast with friends is a good way to start the day

I'm at work earliest when I force myself to get up and out early to meet friends for breakfast. (Well, OK, I've been at work earlier, like to serve breakfast at the B&B a few times, but that doesn't count.)

A week and a half ago I met Jason and Kate for breakfast at the Lincoln Street Diner, and even though 7:30am is way too early for me to plan to be anywhere, I was first on the scene. Chris even saw me come in and offered to pull some Cajun sausage gravy out of the freezer for me. It's an occasional special, and he knows I love it, so he tries to provide it even if it's not on the menu. It went well with the home fries that came with my pancakes and eggs. (I mostly got the pancakes because Kate clearly wanted some, but wasn't ordering any.)

For today, Staci suggested breakfast on the porch at her place in Fall Creek, and it really was a perfect morning for it. Sunny and 60s and crisp at 8:30. I brought an almond fig sourdough loaf I picked up at the farmers market yesterday, and a freshly brewed thermal carafe of coffee, and she had sliced beets and berries and brie and sausage. We communed with the neighborhood cats and had a nice, relaxing breakfast while we caught up.

We split the leftovers, so I've got a little brie and sausage and bread left for elevensies, which should help tide me over until a more "normal" (for me) lunchtime of 1 or so. (I don't usually have breakfast so early.)

Starting the day with some fresh food, nearly all of it local, is probably healthier for me than either a granola bar (much more typical) or a diner breakfast.
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