Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Settling in and catching up (206.4)

This week has been full, even though meetings at the new job keep getting cancelled so there's a limit to what I can actually do of my new job. I've taken care of some housekeeping stuff (my voicemail is set up, I put together some suggested computers to buy, etc.) and taken care of a couple of ongoing responsibilities in other jobs.

I'm way behind in reading LiveJournal, but as always, I will catch up and at least skim all of it. It'll likely take me a few days. I'll probably hop on IRC next week, or maybe after I get a new computer. Karen told me to aim high if I wanted just a laptop; some folks have both a mid-range desktop and a laptop, but that seems unnecessary these days. So, I've specced the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Carrying around a 15-inch laptop will take some getting used to, but after getting to play with one of these for a few minutes, I'm so impressed with the machine that I think I'll get over it. If that ends up being too pricey to get approved, I specced a somewhat less-expensive MacBook Air. Adding RAM and more flash storage to that gets pricey enough, fast enough, though, that it might not be much of a savings.

And, I've got a couchsurfer this week, a first-grade teacher from Maryland who's been wanting to come up to Ithaca. I helped her select the time by telling her about the GrassRoots festival. ( My photos… ) We went for several hours last night, and she had a great time -- as did I, of course. She's very happy she chose to come up now.

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