Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Best thing I've won in a while... (208.6)

Saturday morning, Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown, who's from Ithaca, was at Ithaca High School with the Stanley Cup from 9-noon. My friend Kathryn and I made tentative plans to try to get down there early, but it's just as well we pushed our plans to mid-morning. Even people who were there before 9 were mostly on the stand-by line, and never got into the football field to line up for a photo with the Cup. Dustin did walk it around the edge of the track, giving lots of people on the bleachers and on that stand-by line a chance to touch it. I did.

We went to the farmers market for something to eat and then ran some errands, and when I was about to head back up the hill to drop Kathryn off, on a hunch I suggested we pop over to Smart Yogurt. Dustin's related to the owners by marriage, and I'd had a feeling he would show up there at some point. Sure enough, as we paid for our frozen yogurt a little before 3, Matt told us Dustin and the Cup would be there at 4.

With Dustin and KathrynJust for having bought yogurt, we got entered for a chance at a photo op. We waited. I texted a handful of people, and after getting Matt's permission, spread the word more widely on 14850 Today's Facebook and Twitter. It got crowded. Then, Matt came over and told me my ticket had been drawn!

This was much better than a chance to walk through a long line and snap a quick photo at the high school. I've seen the Stanley Cup before, so I was much more interested in saying hi to Dustin, and I got to do that this way.

Last night was a bonfire party at a friend's. I finally made it to one of his shindigs after being invited multiple times, and it was great! Long and loud and more, and I got to meet some fun new friends as well as getting to know some existing ones better. It was a very late night, so I slept really late today, and have done some catching up and some relaxing. "Batman Begins" was high on the list, since I'm going to see "The Dark Knight Rises" tomorrow. Great movie. I've started drifting off during "True Blood," so I guess I'd better try to get a good night's sleep soon.

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