Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Must remember to blink...

I joked off and on while telling people about this job that I was applying for that it was mostly going to be "Please update the hours for these Dining units." Well, that's what it is this week. The various units have had their hours changing weekly during the summer, and while someone else has been doing it through this week's hours, now it's my job. I'm in the middle of updating the next three weeks. They look like this.

The first time I dove into next week's hours, I got through the whole thing in the CMS and clicked "Finish," only to be told "You're no longer logged in." All of the edits were just plain gone, and practically everything was different from this week to next. Now I'm doing each page in small batches, clicking "Finish" every several rows to make sure I don't lose anything -- or at least not a whole page again -- if my login times out again.

Meantime, I'm making some minor fixes, like changing instances of "8a" or "8:00am" to "8:00a" (not my style choice, but clearly someone's) for consistency's sake, and instances of "12:00a" or "12:00p" to "12midnight" or "12noon" for accuracy's sake. Even had to change one "12:00a" that was clearly intended to mean noon, unless they really meant that cafe was open all night. (If only.)

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