Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Leisure and Laundry

I just decided to go see if the men's room near the other end of our floor has reopened. It's been closed for renovation all summer, with signs up about how you shouldn't use it. Thanks, but I think the fact that the room was ripped apart and the toilets weren't actually connected to the plumbing was adequate warning for me.

Happily, the men's room is fixed, so I can now go use that instead of using the goofy unisex one on the other side of the Dining offices where you have to flip a flag to specify what gender of user is in there. A couple of times guys leaving there before me have flipped the flag back as if it were now empty, and one time the female student who works in our office came in even though the male flag was still set. I guess students are pretty casual about unisex bathrooms these days. Also, the door to get back to our office through Dining was sometimes randomly locked, which was irritating, and occasionally there was more than a minute or so wait before the rest room was free.

On the way to the newly fixed men's room is the building's laundry room with an attached lounge. I doubt I'll do any laundry there, but I suppose if I needed a break I could use the TV or a couch while I ate lunch. The nearby vending machines have the usual chips-and-cookies snack machine, soda and water, and a refrigerated fresh-food machine with sandwiches for a couple bucks, like I used to enjoy at Langmuir and at 120 Maple. In crappy weather, especially, those vending machine sandwiches, burritos, ramen, etc. are a godsend.

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