Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The Calm after the Storm (214.0)

My first opening weekend is done, and it's been a pretty quiet day at work. Everyone is tired, if not sore, and things mostly seem to have gone quite smoothly. The massive, volunteer-run, charity-fundraiser Dump and Run Sale was a success, raising quite a few tens of thousands of dollars, but it really took its toll on a couple of my coworkers who run it with too little support from those putative volunteers.

I was involved for a few hours on Friday, and the scale of the thing is ridiculous. It's a large college gym filled with second-hand stuff, all of which has to be sorted and arranged by too few people.

Yesterday, I helped for several hours setting up, staffing, and taking down the Block Party, basically a massive outdoor dinner welcoming the freshmen to campus. That was loads of fun, and Dining really did a fine job of preparing fresh food for thousands of people. I got my serving pretty late in the process, and the food was still hot and tasty. Not so easy, especially outdoors. I was amused to discover that they've got the rights to prepare Dinosaur Bar-B-Que's recipes here, rather than having to get Dinosaur to bring the food down from Syracuse. They did a creditable job.

Meantime, things are in full swing in Collegetown, and I've been trying to get to Pixel nightly to get photos. I don't need to do it every night most of the time, but with everyone swarming back into town, and Peter leaving at the end of this week, I want to give folks a chance to get a picture with him. I didn't stay out nearly as late last night as I did on Thursday and Saturday, so as not to be useless today. The relaxed pace around here today is fine by me, nonetheless.

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