Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

All caught up… (210.2)

I've caught up with LiveJournal posts back to Wednesday, which is when I last had a chance to read. Nice to see a few familiar faces coming back!

Finally got a call from GEICO this morning, waking me up of course, to tell me that, yes, they'd finally confirmed that their driver is 100% at fault, and they will be taking full responsibility for everything. Here's your Enterprise reservation number to get a rental car. Our policy is that we pay for a compact. "I'm 6'3." OK, we'll pay for a full-size car.

Enterprise does, indeed, pick you up, and I had a nice chat with a very nice lady who's on loan to the Ithaca branch from the Horseheads branch, on the way down the hill. I wasn't expecting to be impressed, but I've got a Hyundai Sonata that's comfortable, seems to drive well, and has a decent setup for playing from an iPod or whatever. I'll try it out on the way to lunch.

Also swung by Maguire on my way to campus, and grabbed a few things from my car. Spotted a GEICO car, and went to introduce myself to Jeff, who I'd talked to yesterday. At first inspection, the car needs at least $2,500 worth of work, and it probably will need some suspension work, too, once he can see underneath. Glad none of it is my problem.

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