Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


I mentioned the new pub opening on campus about a month ago, and I actually managed to stop in there last Wednesday, opening night. I guess it was handy that the bus went by me without stopping, which made me decide to walk to central campus, which made me realize that I could stop in and get some opening-night photos.

The pint of Bandwagon Beer's Big Red Brew was pretty good, and I'm told over half of the alcohol sales have been that. There are also several bottled beers available, and a couple of wines. The numbers are seriously uninspiring, though. There were 117 sales of alcoholic beverages on Wednesday, and fewer than that on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday combined. I'm thinking people wanted to check it out for the novelty of it, or were happy to buy a pint while they were in that dining hall for dinner anyway, but when the weekend rolled around, they had better things to do.

One of the theoretical draws of the on-campus pub is that, because it's in a dining hall that's open late, it allows over-21 students to hang out and drink while under-21 students can also be there, which isn't true in the Collegetown bars. Frankly, I'd bet some of the over-21 crowd is just as happy to leave the under-21 crowd behind.

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