Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I need to work on my Italian… (209.4)

All of Age's family is of Italian descent, and half of them are actually from Italy -- or still live there now. His grandmother, in particular really speaks no English, and was mostly relying on Age or his mom to translate in conversations. Since it was Age's wedding, he mostly had other things to focus on!

I got to chat with her a little bit, but my Italian has faded to the point where I couldn't cover much but basic pleasantries. I was able to understand a little more of what she was saying, but that's of little help. Still, it was obvious she's a sweetheart!

It was a real treat to meet John and Micaela's kids, who each look like their parents in different ways, and have fun personalities.

This afternoon I planned to get to some of the Porchfest concerts, but after a weekend full of people, I needed a little time off before heading over to campus to host tonight's Bound for Glory show. Phil's going home from the hospital today, so I can hope he might be back in the saddle before much longer!

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