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This Tuesday, Apple introduced a new iPad mini -- all of the features and specs of the iPad 2, still available for $399, but miniaturized, for $70 less. And people think it's $80 too expensive. Wha…?

OK, I'll be the first to acknowledge that it would be awesome if technology were cheaper. It's why so many people gravitate to crappy computers and other products that won't last as long, to save some money in the short term. In a vacuum, I can imagine saying, "Gee, this would be worth $250 to me, but it's not worth $330 to me." But how does that translate to people bashing the company for releasing a product at a "too-high" price point, to the extent that Apple's stock was down four points by the end of the day?

Maybe part of the problem is that the iPod touch is $299, with a higher-resolution "Retina Display" and 32GB of storage to the $329 iPad mini and $399 iPad 2's 16GB. Since the iPad mini bridges the gap between the iPod touch and the iPad, I can see the comparison, but four-inch LCD screens just tend to be cheaper than eight-inch ones, even if the four-inch screens are higher resolution.

Given the choice between the iPod touch for $299, or the iPad mini for $329, I'd grab the iPad mini. It's really the form factor I'd been hoping for all along anyway. For me, the iPad has always been "too big," even though the iPad 2 is delightfully not as thick and heavy as the original model.

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