Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I need a nap… (212.4)

You can't see it, since I haven't posted in the last week, and I could just pretend it hadn't happened, but my weight topped 218 briefly last weekend. I'll blame copious beverages and poor food choices surrounding early hockey games, or something. I still want to get under 200, but right now I'm again going to be satisfied getting towards 205.

I should be sleepy right now after getting home from the 0:07 opening-night showing of "Skyfall" at about 3am last night, but I got to the theatre to discover that show was sold out. The friends I was joining were already inside, and buying a ticket to the 12:17 or 12:27 showings seemed somehow less appealing, so I went home. I briefly considered joining a couple of friends at Pixel for a drink, but opted out and watched one more hour of TV from the filling-up TiVo before I went to sleep.

Simmering in the SauceThe other thing I accomplished last night was making a big batch of homemade sauce whose primary destiny is to simmer braciole sometime soon. That'll be part of a collaborative dinner with aforementioned Pixel friends, with whom I've enjoyed several late-night food discussions. KJ is making the gnocchi.

The only thing specifically scheduled for tonight is feeding Cass's kitties while she's off to her sister's birthday celebration. I'd been vaguely planning to catch The Horse Flies at The Gates and then get the usual batch of photos at a crowded Pixel, since I don't particularly have anywhere to be tomorrow, but I may just opt for a quiet evening at home. The vague desire for a nap is more often than not a precursor of some minor bout of illness, and I'd rather head that off at the pass.

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