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Really nice evening!

Michelle called early this afternoon to see if I wanted to join them for a beer and bonfire shindig tonight. Seemed like an excellent idea.

I managed to be very lazy today, and basically did nothing. Didn't even really shower and dress until it was time to head to Michelle and Dennis's, with a stop at the store to get the bag of ice they needed, and the couple of things I need to make chili in the crock pot.

Ended up sitting there for about six hours, much longer than I figured the evening would last. Very relaxing. Very small crowd, too... just them and me! (A few others who were invited weren't around or couldn't come.) Sarah (their youngest daughter) spent most of the time hanging out with us out by the fire, as did Malcolm, the black lab. Teresa was inside with a friend, and Stephanie was off at a party.

Several beers, lots of chatting, and we eventually put out the fire and headed to the house. But Michelle wouldn't let me leave, and we sat out on the deck for a while longer, with cheddar and crackers and more chatting. Michelle drove Teresa's friend home when she wasn't feeling well, and came back.

One of our chat tangents had been about the chili I was going to cook, so they offered me some thai hot peppers. Michelle got a gleam in her eye and said "You don't want one of the pickled ones, do you?" and took a jar out of the refrigerator. She gingerly gave me one, and gave Dennis one. I started hiccupping after a yummy-hot bite, and Dennis took a tiny bite and put the rest down. She teased us both, and grabbed the rest of his and tossed it in her mouth, chewed, and... got all wide-eyed! I guess they'd gotten much hotter in the jar!

She also then remembered we'd been talking about the steak rubbed with spices she'd made for dinner, and pulled the leftovers out to hack off a taste for me. Mmm.

So now I'm sitting thinking a) I should go to sleep, or b) I should start the chili, or c) I should just hang out and encourage Marsi in the blogathon! Not getting off the couch is winning for now...

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