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Long days... (214.6) - Mark's Journal
Long days... (214.6)
Work started up again after a week and a half of vacation, but I was still filling in for Jeff on the morning radio shifts. A few hours at the radio station followed by a full workday made for really long days this week, so especially tired evenings.

I vaguely wanted to wake up early this morning (though later than the last couple of weeks of morning shifts) to watch the World Junior Championships final game, USA vs Sweden, which was being played in Ufe, Russia and broadcast live on NHL Network at 8am, but I reset the alarm for 9:30. I was awake a bit before that, but enjoyed not getting up at 8. I'm watching the game now, even though a quick peek at Facebook means I know the outcome already.

The NHL stoppage means I don't get to watch the Cornellians I know who've made it to the pros this season, so it's nice that I get to watch Cole Bardreau, who's taking a break from the Big Red for the WJCs, play for Team USA.
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rustmon From: rustmon Date: January 5th, 2013 02:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
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