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Need a nap (216.4) - Mark's Journal
Need a nap (216.4)
I'm kinda starting to resent essentially giving up my whole break to the radio station. Much as I enjoy DJing, and much as I felt good filling in for Jeff, I also really didn't have the days of no responsibility I'd been looking forward to. Once in a while, I need to just vegetate for a couple of days, and I didn't get that. I wasn't there every day, and I was never there the whole day, but I missed out on the days-long stretch of nothing to do.

At least I'm not doing every morning this week. Dan did yesterday and is doing tomorrow and Thursday; I did today and I'm doing Friday.
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chesther From: chesther Date: January 9th, 2013 10:29 am (UTC) (Link)
I understand. Just about every moment of my break was focused on either making Christmas happen (both on the 25th in Ithaca and later in the week in Buffalo), or on making the Voyager upgrade happen. This included a very special block of time on New Years Day when my laptop ate its filesystem again so I was simultaneously working on Voyager and rebuilding my laptop.

Tomorrow is literally the first day I could possibly be off work for a make-up day, so I'm going to be staying home to write the report on my trip to Myanmar, which I was supposed to do over the break but didn't have time to do. On Friday, I might actually be able to take a day off from the day job so I can catch up at home.
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