Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Next road trip (216.2)

A few weeks ago, one of my higher-ed social-media colleagues, who works at St. Lawrence University, asked on Facebook if any of us knew someone who could do a social media seminar for student athletes. I replied, "I could."

So, this Wednesday, I'm going up to Canton to present to a few hundred student athletes, and I'm doing another session the next day for a dozen or so coaches.

The timing of when they wanted to do this couldn't be better! They already had these dates in mind, and this Friday and Saturday just happen to be the nights Cornell is playing at St. Lawrence and Clarkson. In the meantime, I'll get a tour of St. Lawrence (I've really only ever been in the hockey rink up there), likely see some women's hockey, and maybe get some of the down time I missed over the holidays. I may also try to pop up to Ottawa, or if the weather's great, even Montreal. Unfortunately, there's no Senators game up there while I'm around. There's a Canadiens game on the afternoon of the 2nd, but I'd probably be late getting back for the game I'm really up there to see. (Also, jeez, NHL tickets are expensive.)

They're paying for meals through Thursday and the hotel room for Wednesday night, and the mileage reimbursement -- at 50 cents a mile -- will cover most of the rest of my costs for the weekend. (I won't directly get paid for the seminars; my company is billing them, so I'll get a chunk of it later.) Basically, a free hockey road trip. Woo!

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