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At least it wasn't another three and a half hours of snowy driving - Mark's Journal
At least it wasn't another three and a half hours of snowy driving
Picking the two Super Bowl parties on opposite sides of the county as the two I wanted to attend was probably silly in the first place, but the snowiness on the drive down from Trumansburg at halftime convinced me not to try heading up to Dryden for the second party. It shouldn't have been too bad, but one factor that hadn't occurred to me is that there were hardly any drivers on the road keeping the lanes well-traveled! I ended up just going home.

Last night's drive back from Potsdam, half of it in snowy conditions, once again made me wonder as to the wisdom of driving back Saturday night from the hockey games that are "just" a few hours away. Another hotel night would've been an annoying expense, and it's nice to be back home in my own bed, though.

The business trip part of the trip went really well, I thought. My talks at St. Lawrence seemed to be well received, and the women's hockey team naturally seemed most engaged with the process. I enjoyed getting to their games on Friday and Saturday afternoons, and their rematch win on Saturday was the only W of my whole trip.
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