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Next trip... - Mark's Journal
Next trip...
Usually I go to both Dartmouth and Harvard for hockey games in the same weekend, but this weekend I'm going to save money by skipping the Dartmouth game on Friday night in Hanover, and staying with a friend on Saturday night in Boston.

That means I get to see the women's game in Ithaca on Friday, but it also means less time for shenanigans and relaxing with friends in Boston. Ah well. A lot of the usual travel crew is just not going this time around, and I might have decided to skip it entirely, except a) the Devins and Whitneys will be at the Harvard game, and b) it's the Harvard game!

The Devins and Whitneys are among my favorite of the hockey families to hang out with, and it's great that they're interested in coming to the games even though their sons have all graduated. We still see the father of one of my favorite players who graduated in 2003, at one or two games a year. (He lives in Rochester, so that's not so nutty.)

I feel a little silly driving all the way to and from Boston for one night, but there are people I really do want to see. My hope is that the hockey team will redeem themselves on the road; they're on a seven-game losing streak. It's the first time since the 1992-93 season, which ended with an eleven-game losing streak and then a single win. For a long, long time, we simply didn't win at Dartmouth, no matter what else was going on, but Harvard, while no sure thing, is a little more often a good outcome. As Beeeej put it, though, Cornell and Harvard are battling for the cellar this season, so that may be a tough game to watch, too.
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