Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Catching up...

I haven't taken the time since Thursday night to talk about what a fantastic time I had... the unexpected ignition coil crisis notwithstanding.

My evening began when pkdan kindly detoured to pick me up at the car dealership, where I'd brought my car for its emergency repair. (The part I'd scheduled to have replaced next Wednesday, under the manufacturer's recall process, failed mid-afternoon Thursday.)

We went to join queenmabwords and anabellea at the house, which gave me a rare and delightful opportunity to say hi to Alex, one of my favourite dogs.

I'd never been to Oswego before, but I'm pleased to see it's a reasonably short, and very easy, drive... up 34 and then a right turn on 104. We rode up in Marie's spiffy new wagon, and got to Rudy's, a neat eatery on the lake shore early, to find ekchuah and fabunobo and Mike (who I don't think has a LiveJournal) already there. kenshardik joined us not long after.

Rudy's is one of those legendary places that you hear about, even from nearly a hundred miles away, and eventually have to get to. That, plus the excellent opportunity to see ekchuah while she visited relatives, made the trip an easy decision. I also had to bring her the CD I'd burned of Bruce Cockburn music purchased on her behalf from the iTunes Music Store.

Rudy's seems like it got its start as a seasonal lakeside shack selling fast food, and "just growed" from there. It certainly doesn't seem to be planned out as an architectural structure. It's a big operation now, with several poorly defined lines where you can order. The counter staff shouts the orders to the cooking staff, several more people presiding over the deep fryers and grills. (It's possible that there are other cooking implements, but I can't see why. All the food is fried fish and seafood, or burgers and hot dogs, or the like.)

I'd been told I needed to have a cheeseburger at Rudy's, and I'd been told I needed to have a "fish hot." That's one of their fried fish sandwiches, topped with their signature hot sauce. It's a remarkable sauce, which reminds me a little of the thin chili you'd put on a hot dog. No idea whether there's meat in it; I wouldn't think so, but someone in our group seemed to assume it had some.

So anyway, the sandwiches were both small and inexpensive, so I decided to have one of each. Those two, side of clam strips, and a beer... was, I think, still under (or around) $10. The food was great! No, it's not health food. But the burger was tasty and not just greasy, and the fish sandwich, no joke, rivals Doug's Fish Fry. Especially with the really tasty hot sauce on it! Not all that hot, mind you, but very flavourful.

I was kind of eyeing the ride pudding as a dessert option (I rarely have dessert, but rice pudding's one of my weaknesses), but our unfinished mission for the evening involved walking from Rudy's down the street a little bit to a neat ice cream stand. The special flavour of the week was strawberry cheesecake. Mmmmmmm. Plus chocolate dip and crushed nuts. I don't have ice cream very often, so I try to do it right when I do... and I think this qualified.

We watched the sun set over the lake, from the water's edge, which was beautiful, and then we went our separate ways. The ride back with Dan and Marie and the Adinolfilet involved more music and less conversation than the ride up, though it was definitely nice to catch up on a lot of things with both of them.

The evening was too short, but a nice interlude during a busy week, and a great chance to visit with folks. Thanks to all for the incredible night!

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