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I always seem to be catching up... (213.0)

I'm once again reading through a week or more of your LiveJournal entries, and feeling bad about it. Just got to Alan's post from almost a week ago mentioning that he checks for updates once or twice a day. I certainly used to do that, and presumably could again, at least as easily as refreshing the Facebook newsfeed to see if anything new has landed.

Life's been busy, not least because it's hockey season. The trip out to Boston was great. I was sad I didn't see the win at Dartmouth on Friday, but the tie at Harvard felt fine -- because it wasn't a loss. It's been years since seeing a tie has felt like such a relief. The two wins this weekend were glorious! Not only is the team looking good on the ice, they have a chance of maintaining some confidence going into their final road weekend of the regular season. I often go to Yale and Brown, but I'm definitely skipping this trip. The women are hosting Colgate for the first round of their ECAC tournament, and it will be nice to catch that.

This weekend was originally also going to include what sounded like a fun play reading downtown, but when I discovered it was running more than three hours, I had to rule out even the matinee. And, I briefly considered going to a downtown theatre's fundraising gala for Oscars night, but it seemed like an awful lot of money to spend on munchies for a cause I already have trouble supporting. (I wrote the article because a friend was helping run the event, and it does sound like a fun event.)

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