Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

What's for breakfast? (213.0)

Did I mention I met Mark Bittman the other day? I guess I meant to, but didn't get around to it. He's one of my heroes, a New York Times food writer and powerful advocate for whole foods instead of processed foods.

Mark BittmanOne of his relatively offhand comments while meeting with Dining staff (I was dispatched to take pictures) was that someone had left a collection of ten granola bars in the dorm room (sorry, residence hall room) he's staying in for his visit, and in the long list of ingredients on even the relatively simple ones, the second ingredient of every single one was sugar. In some cases it was "high maltose corn syrup," obviously trying to get past the anti-high-fructose folks, or "brown rice syrup," which at least isn't made from corn, but when you get right down to it, the stuff was loaded with sugar.

So I'm coming to grips with the fact that I should stop eating granola bars for breakfast nearly every day. I've known for a while that they're little better than candy bars, but have been convincing myself that they've got whole grains and fruit and/or nuts in them, they're better for me than bagels (serious carb bombs) or donuts, and they're better than nothing. But... maybe not.

This morning I had an avocado for breakfast, because I grabbed a few avocados when they were on sale for $1 each at the P&C a few days ago. That feels too expensive for a daily breakfast, though, compared to 30-50 cents for the granola bars, and it's hard to keep the balance along the spectrum of not-ripe-enough to too-ripe. The same is true of bananas, which are also pretty high-carb to eat too often, though I sometimes grab one on the way out of lunch (we're allowed to take a piece of fruit with us from the dining halls) for the next morning.

I wish I could imagine cooking something every morning. I'd make eggs, which I'm pretty satisfied are good for me, and I'd try to avoid adding too much meat or bread too often. Oatmeal packets aren't a bad idea, either at home or once I get to work, as long as I'm careful not to buy the too-sweetened ones. Doesn't make a good eat-in-the-car option. Maybe hard-boiled eggs, though I don't enjoy peeling those, and they only stay good for a couple of days.

I'm open to suggestions, but don't be offended if I've already got a reason it's not gonna work! Affordable, doesn't require morning prep time, and can be eaten while driving are key factors.

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