Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Sick day (212.6)

I've really had enough of this cold. The probable disease vector is a coworker's two-year-old's daycare. The cough and cold really ran around the office, and has been lingering in most of us. I've gotten an improbable amount of sleep this week, trying to ditch it, and decided last night to stay home today.

I vaguely intended to go for a walk and get some air, but laziness won out. Rest is better for me anyway, right? Also ate a lot of carbs, since I heard I need energy to fight the cold. Granola late morning, leftover Ithaca Beer Taproom pizza for lunch, and fettuccine alfredo plus imitation crab for dinner.

Lots and lots of TV, and some photo editing. Nothing requiring too much brainpower.

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