Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

How embarrassing! (211.0)

I left work early to try to get to a 5:30 board meeting, and it's a good thing. I started the car, got out to brush off the snow, and when I was half done, the car stopped.

I've been lulled into a false sense of security by the gas gauge hitting E long before the gas is actually gone, and by always finding the car doesn't take the full 17 gallons when I gas up. I should've gassed up over the weekend, but didn't, and figured I could wait until after work today. Guess I was wrong.

Lucky for me I'd left early, because for a change I was leaving at a time that I could call Cornell's motorist assistance program. Apparently, I called just before the guy knocked off for the night, and he had to go grab the gas can and fill it, but then he headed to the parking lot. 20 minutes after I called, I was on my way. Not too bad.

If I'd been too late for the Cornell service, I could also have called AAA or Audi Roadside Assistance, but considering the weather, I'm betting all the commercial services were busy pulling cars out of ditches.

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