Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Remember Icarus? (211.6)

I visited Icarus at the SPCA again on Sunday. Ruthie had already been adopted, which of course is good news. In one sense, that eliminates the need for me to decide between these two doggies. I went up there with a couple of friends who are also looking to adopt a dog, and we took him out for a little walk and romp in the play yard. He's really well-behaved!

Icarus & MeI keep going back and forth on this. I really want a dog, but I also am trying to be realistic both about my lifestyle and how unfair it could be to a dog, and my general tendency to be lazy. While I do take care of a snake, Charlie's pretty low maintenance, and I could probably be a lot better about keeping her tank clean. Should I take that as a sign? Or should I be determined to take good care of a dog?

One factor? I'm still trying to decide whether to take two days off from work to go visit my family for Passover. The Seder inconveniently falls on Monday night, so it's not just a weekend trip. I'm pretty sure my parents would rather I didn't bring a dog to their house, and I'm not going to adopt a dog and then suddenly uproot it to a kennel or bring in a dogsitter.

This decision, too, may be taken from me soon, since I hear Icarus was featured in the newspaper yesterday! The SPCA's dog supply is unusually low, so I'm sure someone's going to adopt him soon. (Luckily, this is a no-kill shelter, so I have zero worry that if I don't adopt him, he's doomed.)

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