Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

That's better (213.0)

Third time's the charm? My pulse has been more reasonable lately, so I wasn't surprised, but it was still a bit of a relief, that I wasn't deferred and could give blood successfully.

When I asked the phlebotomist to use the stretch wrap instead of adhesive tape, she warned me that they're being given less and less, and it'll probably soon be phased out entirely. I joked that I'll have to bring my own, but really, I'll have to ask the Red Cross to reconsider eliminating it completely. Adhesive tape is just too uncomfortable for those of us of the hirsute persuasion.

For some reason they didn't have their gallon pin box with them, so when I asked for my six-gallon pin, the woman looked around frantically before apologizing that she couldn't give me one. I was tempted to ask for my blood back to mess with her, but I promised a friend I'd be kind today. She suggested I call the Red Cross to see if they'll mail me one.

They did give us cool American Red Cross water bottles, though, with the carabiner and ring stuck pretty effectively inside the metal bottle. Took a little coaxing to get it out, but not as much as the slips of paper explaining how to use it. I especially like "Always ensure the lid is fastened securely before drinking."

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