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Maggie (210.2) - Mark's Journal
Maggie (210.2)
It was a bit eerie to realize that we watched the finale of the BBC "House of Cards" trilogy, complete with unveiling of fictional memorial statue to Baroness Thatcher, within a few hours of her actual passing.

( BBC version of "House of Cards" provides backdrop to Thatcher's passing... )

The BBC series really treats her execrably, and apparently novelist Michael Dobbs was vocally furious about that when it first launched over twenty years ago. She certainly had her good side and her bad side, and there was as much "Good riddance!" to be seen online yesterday as there was "What a great lady!"

(Disclaimer: The Netflix free-trial banner at the bottom of the article linked above is an affiliate ad link, and if you use it to sign up, my company gets a little money. Likes and shares are, of course, always greatly appreciated.)
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