Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The ankle's getting better...

I definitely haven't talked about it here, and it only came up in passing on Facebook, but I know I mentioned on Twitter that I twisted the hell out of my ankle on Saturday morning on the way out the door to make breakfast at a friend's and watch "Army Wives." I was just casually walking out the front door to the garage and must've set my left foot down "wrong." I felt (if not heard) a pop, and enjoyed the searing pain of my tendons being suddenly in the wrong place.

Conveniently, I was on my way to an EMT's house, and she helped me ice and wrap it. I was hoping it would just feel better after a day or so, but no such luck. Ibuprofen keeps the pain manageable, but it was still unpleasant.

Monday morning, I tried to get the transportation office to give me a permit that would let me park closer to my office than A Lot, which is a six-minute walk in normal conditions, but they (not unreasonably) require a note from a doctor. I sucked it up and figured it would get better in another day or so, and did the painful walk. My boss very thoughtfully offered rides to my car.

Wednesday morning, I decided enough was enough, and in any event, had promised my boss and others I'd get to the doctor. Guthrie didn't have an open appointment until mid-afternoon, so I tried going to Gannett Health Center on campus. I got there right as they opened, and conveniently got one of the parking spaces right outside. Unfortunately, the intake nurse decided (apparently all on her own) that they don't treat staff except for work-related injuries, despite the clear statements to the contrary on their web site, which I'd consulted before going.

I ended up at Guthrie, where I saw a random doctor since George retired in December. He essentially said "Yeah, that looks like it hurts!" and suggested I get an ankle air cast to stabilize it. He feels strongly that it will get better quickly, and gave me a note suggesting a closer parking space just through this week.

I was skeptical, but the ankle brace really does make it much easier and much less painful to walk. I'm willing to believe that I'll be OK walking to and from A Lot by Monday, and if not, I can always go ask for another note.

With that note in hand, though, the transportation office's tune was very different. They gave me a permit that essentially lets me park wherever the hell I want. The lady started running down the list of exceptions, like "Don't park in a space with a sign that says it's reserved for a particular license plate, don't park in front of a fire hydrant or in a fire lane, don't park in the access aisle between two handicap spaces..." and I interrupted to say "So, don't park anywhere stupid?" She laughed. But otherwise, I really can park in any space on campus, including handicap spaces. Pretty slick. Oh, and if I use a metered space, duh, I have to put money in the meter.

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