Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Trying without the brace (210.2)

Finger Lakes LatteAfter a week with the ankle brace on, I decided to try today without it. I think the faint pains in my feet and right knee are probably related to walking funny for several days, so I'm making more of an effort to walk normally.

I've been walking as normally as possible all along, since I know that makes the ankle heal faster, but I know I've been standing on it less, putting less weight on it, etc. That can't help but make for extra strain on the other leg.

The walk to and from the Ag Quad without the brace today may have been pushing it, but it doesn't hurt too much. Unfortunately, it was also pointless; by the time I got there, the farmers market vendor whose food I wanted had sold out, packed up, and left. :-( At least I got to stop at Martha's on the way back to take a picture of the frozen coffee drinks I've been trying to capture so we could market them.

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