Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

And not a drop to drink (211.6)

There are so many opinions out there about what's safe for carrying water. Will leaving a plastic water bottle in the car poison my water with dioxins? Will using an aluminum bottle give me Alzheimer's, just like antiperspirants containing aluminum are supposed to? Are "reusable" plastic water bottles safer than the ones you buy by the case already full of water?

Watkins Glen WeekendI love the tip to freeze a half-full water bottle and then fill the other half on the way out the door so you'll have cold water for hours, but is that dangerous, too, as one oft-spread warning suggests?

Mostly, I refill old water bottles again and again. I love the tiny ones that I typically get at blood drives, since in most cases I can put one in a jacket pocket and always have it with me. (In the summer, I go to cons and concerts with cargo shorts. Water bottle in one side pocket, lens in the other.) Am I slowly killing myself?

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