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Blast from the past... (208.2)

Every once in a while I discover a fantastic piece of writing from the 14850 Magazine archives, and today a conversation with keeyoo reminded me that cmpriest let us republish her excellent collection of trespassing tips and tricks for urban explorers.

Chattanooga & Tennessee River PowerThis weekend, my boyfriend and I went on a little jaunt through an old power plant substation (est. circa 1905). After writing about it in my blog, I've gotten a fistful of email wanting to hear a few practical specifics on the art of urban exploration.  So, herewith some accumulated wisdom on the subject.

  • There is a vast chasm of difference between Trespassing and Breaking & Entering. Remember this. If you have to break a window, bust a lock, or pry a door -- you don't need to be there.  Sometimes places are heavily boarded and sealed for very good reasons; they may not be structurally sound.

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