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Family (209.8)

No reasonable way to spend the Memorial Day holiday with my family, so I'm glad I got to spend it with my extended Ithaca family, in several chunks. Friday night I got to celebrate on campus with a grad student who's nearly done, so chose to pretend this was his official graduation weekend. Saturday night down the hill I got to celebrate with another friend who's actually finished her Ph.D., and with dozens of her and a fellow graduate's friends, many of whom I know. This graduate was one of the brides of the week-long wedding two (!) summers ago, and boy, do these folks know how to throw a party!

Yesterday evening, I watched "Match Point," got ice cream, and just generally hung out with a friend I don't get to see much of. That DVD is part of my flurry of activity before my canceled Netflix DVD subscription actually runs out. I should get at least three or four more discs by the end of the month, and I'm really tempted to write a review of "Match Point." Imagine what you would get if Woody Allen cast a film with mostly British actors and set it in London, and this would be that movie... primarily because it is, in fact, a Woody Allen film with mostly British actors, set in London. Weird, huh?

Wednesday night, Friday night, and last night I spent at Pixel, where I've been doing social media and photography for the last couple of years. Snapping plenty of pictures of the graduating seniors seemed like a good idea. The vast majority of them appreciate the pictures of themselves, and the vast majority of those who don't want to be in photos are at least not dicks about it.

Last night after we'd wound down, and I reflected on the fact that I hadn't actually gotten around to having dinner, hitting the newly reopened State Diner seemed worth a shot! No one ended up joining me, but the timing was such that Ottilie and Becky were just on their way back into town from a roller derby event in Rhode Island, and while Becky wanted to go home and go to sleep, Ottilie wasn't too hard to convince. Sadly, the State Diner hasn't gotten back to 24-hour operation yet, so we popped over to Manos, the Diner of Fate, which did the trick just fine. We did make it back to the State Diner for breakfast today, which thanks to last night's very late night, was after noon. Perfect? Of course not. But very satisfying.

And the rest of today, I spent with a friend's family. This is a former coworker I have lunch with frequently, and I met his kids several years ago. Except for the one born last spring, of course! I was expecting a couple hours of cookout, but ended up with them for over six hours, meeting the in-laws, shooting hoops, sharing some great food, and just generally having a good time.

All this was important and helpful because I've been taking the situation with a missing Cornell student pretty hard. He was supposed to graduate yesterday, and his family was supposed to be gathering to celebrate, not spend several chilly, windy days searching and waiting for news... of which there's still none.

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