Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I kinda want a cappuccino (213.0)

Why is it that I balk at the idea of spending $3.50-4.50 on a coffee drink that's hand-crafted in front of me, but think nothing of spending $4, $5, even $6 on a pint of beer that takes seconds to pour... and then do it again, and again?

There must be something that makes us think "This is worth $X but that isn't worth $X" when, rationally, that shouldn't be true.

It might be related to the fact that a cup of coffee made the old-fashioned way costs well under a buck, and a K-Cup for the Keurig at work costs around 50-60 cents (OK, they want me to pay a lot more, but I'm not gonna), and a drip cup of coffee at a coffee stand costs $1.50-2.00 these days. I know there are those of you who think nothing of dropping that $4 on a cappuccino, or the $2 on a brewed cup, but generally speaking, I'd rather not... even when I'm not feeling financially pinched.

Meantime, I'm still catching up on LiveJournal, after discovering I was way farther behind in my reading than I thought. Sorry.

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