Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Memory's a funny thing (210.0)

I saw Dan, one of my retired co-workers, last month at Tomy's retirement party, probably for the first time since he retired almost five years ago. It wasn't until just now, though, that I remembered something about him!

A current co-worker just had to jump through hoops to get a bag of pretzels to satisfy a craving. She went out to the hallway where the vending machines were, and came back lamenting that the snack machine was gone. "No," I told her, "they just moved it into the laundry room." (That one and the refrigerated "fresh food" vending machine had been overheating in their former location.) She went back out, then came back and grumbled, "Cash only." (They haven't re-hooked it to a phone line so it can use its card reader yet. I do hope they will.) She poked through her change, and I offered some quarters. She went out with a dollar in change, since that was the price displayed, then came back and grumbled, "Now it wants $1.25." Back out with another quarter. Success!

She gave me a couple of pretzels, and I guess it was that taste -- pretzels are something I hardly ever eat -- that reminded me that Dan used to always have those massive plastic jars of pretzels at work. They probably sell them at places like BJ's or Costco, but he always got them at Staples or Office Max, since, y'know, massive jars of pretzels are an office supply, right? Sometimes he got cheese balls, and once in a while he brought in the pretzel nuggets that are stuffed with peanut butter.

Good times.

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