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Staycations (209.4) - Mark's Journal
Staycations (209.4)
The last two weekends have ended up being mini vacations for me. Last weekend, I stayed at a friends' house to take care of their enormous and sweet Great Pyrenees and three cats, and even though I was in town and went to some activities in town, I mostly used the opportunity to break out of my routine and relax.

Then this weekend, I took advantage of everyone else being out of the office on Friday to take a personal day and make it a four-day weekend. I think it's the longest break I've taken from work since Labor Day weekend, if you don't count the holiday break... which I suppose I should. Oh well.

My dinner plans for tonight with someone visiting for an "informational interview" (short of an actual job interview, I guess) evaporated along with his scheduled visit, but I seem to have new plans. Later!
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theidolhands From: theidolhands Date: July 8th, 2013 11:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
it's so awesome when you can do stuff like that. i enjoyed many of my pet-sitting gigs.
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