Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

First world problems? (213.6)

I keep discovering boxers whose waistbands have lost their elasticity. I still have a decent supply, but if they keep failing, I'll really need to buy more soon if I don't want to have to do laundry constantly. But... how do I buy boxers in a post-Kmart world?

The Kmart that used to be in Ithaca's southwest closed a couple of years ago, one of a bunch of their stores that just wasn't profitable any more. (It probably had something to do with the Walmart that opened in the same area of town after years of anti-Walmart wrangling among locals.) And, that's where I bought things like socks and boxers.

Amazon carries the same 100% cotton print Hanes boxers I used to buy, for $14.99 a three-pack, and I could probably just go ahead and order them. It feels like a lot of money, though. Shouldn't they be cheaper than that? Maybe not, if they last for several years. I may take a peek at the price at Target next time I'm at the mall to buy snake food, since I think I've gotten boxers there before, too.

I could tell you when and why I switched from briefs to boxers, but I probably won't.

It was a quiet weekend. I needed a quiet weekend.

BuddiesSaturday featured a tour of the Piggery's farm, of which photos will be forthcoming on Facebook and Flickr. (This picture is from a visit a few years ago.) Is it wrong to enjoy meeting pigs who are destined to become food? Maybe even my food? I don't think so. In fact, I think it's important to expose little kids to this process so they can understand and appreciate where their food comes from. Maybe we ultimately shouldn't be eating animals, but until that changes, let's make sure kids understand the process and how important it is for our food animals to be treated well along the way.

Yesterday I cooked brunch with a friend, and almost didn't even leave the house, except I remembered another friend was having a celebratory cookout, so I popped down the hill for that. I'm glad I did. Good group of people with some fun chatting and good food.

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