Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

It's not just the shredding... (209.8)

Penny needs a lot of training. She's a sweetheart and I'm in love with her, but she's a two-year-old pit bull who's been getting intensive training on how to be a dog who lives with people. Over three months she's come a long way, but the visit the other day made it clear that she needs lots more work. She jumps on people a bit, and while she doesn't tug on the leash unreasonably during walks, she does seem inclined to bite it... and try to wrestle it away.

I need to talk to the training person at the SPCA to see if she thinks a new dog owner is likely to be able to manage her further training. If she thinks it's a stretch, I'd be much better off going with a dog that's not quite as challenging for a newbie, and not in as much risk of being a misbehaving pit bull.
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