Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Somewhere to stay in France, for now

Last night's couchsurfer was visiting Ithaca as one of a few candidate cities where his family will move in about a year. He's from Chicago, lived in San Francisco for several years, lived in Paris for a while, and has been living about an hour outside Paris in Provins, a small city known for lots of remaining medieval architecture. If I make it to France again anytime soon, I should obviously make a point of visiting them!

They're also considering Ann Arbor (which I told him was a fine idea) and Eureka (which I told him was an awful idea, thanks to Dave).

They owned a bed & breakfast in San Francisco for several years, and then another in Paris for a few years, but have since been full-time parents for their thirteen-year-old daughter. They're basically looking for a good place for her to go to high school. She's lived her whole live in France, but is fluent not just in French but also English and Italian. Lucky kid.

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