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Professional Napper

She's doing well, and I think so am I.

She is definitely making herself right at home. She knew what her bed was for as soon as we walked into the living room yesterday. She found the water dish just fine, and we've been on a few nice walks around the neighborhood. We've played with her rope toy several times as the SPCA's training person showed me, including letting it go in exchange for something more interesting, and she hasn't tried biting the leash since we got here. (We need to work on her resource guarding tendencies, which seem pretty light.)

She hasn't seemed very interested in her food, but a) I know that's not unusual in a new place, b) the trainer mentioned she's been turning her nose up at the dry food unless a little canned food is added, and c) she's gotten several treats and a few pieces of her dry food by hand, so I'm not at all worried.

She was most interested in the food when I dipped a few pieces in some peanut butter that I had on a spoon from cooking. I think she's eaten all the pieces that had peanut butter on them and left the rest, but I figure eventually she'll get hungry enough. I may try adding a little gravy later, or a little more peanut butter, but I'd rather get her used to the food by itself eventually.

When I was about to pop out for brunch with friends this morning, she was not interested in getting in the crate, even though one of her blankets is in there and I tried encouraging her with a treat. Since she had been fine overnight, I decided to risk leaving her out, and when I came back she and everything in the house were just fine. I admit I'm a little more nervous about leaving her for a whole workday, but so far, so good. If I can trust her in the house by herself, that'll be great, and of course it's the ultimate goal anyway.
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