Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Feeding Frenzy (208.0)

It felt good hosting a group dinner gathering last night for the first time in ages! It was a completely different group than the previous incarnation of the weekly dinners, sparked by a discussion on a friend's Facebook when he asked for tips on preparing affordable meals at home without getting sick of leftovers. I suggested a fun way to break up the monotony would be group dinners, and a couple days later, I decided to host the first.

The group was a lot of fun, including a few people I barely know or was even just meeting. I roasted a local chicken I'd gotten from keeyoo's brother (though I ran to the store to grab some boneless chicken breasts to extend that when the RSVP list suddenly jumped from four to seven), made sweet potato fries that didn't come out quite as well as when Ottilie and I made them a week or so ago, and tried roasted "Buffalo" cauliflower. That was delicious, but like the fries, didn't get as crisp as I'd have liked.

Penny was very well-behaved with a house full of new people, though I need to work on getting her to go lay down on her bed when I tell her to. She did that for a bit when she got there, but I probably just need to reinforce it. She is good at getting out of the kitchen when I tell her to. She lies down just outside with her nose in the doorway. :-)

Anyway, the dinner was a success, including in my goal to spark a new tradition. One of the attendees has already stepped up to host the next one, featuring chicken fried steak. Mmm.

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