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Five pounds of Buffalo (215.0) - Mark's Journal
Five pounds of Buffalo (215.0)
Yes, I gained five pounds since Saturday morning, thanks to several days of effectively limitless food and plenty of beer and cocktails... even while consciously not going overboard. Or so I thought. :-) This morning I find myself wondering where the breakfast buffet with roast ham carving station is, not to mention the mid-morning yogurt break.

It was a great trip, though. Got to spend some time with Jason and several of the higher ed web and social media folks I've known for a few years but never get to see, met a lot of the people I've "known" but only online, and met many more awesome folks. Learned a lot. Got some good ammo for things I knew but have trouble convincing others of, as well.

Penny seems to have had an awesome time on her vacation, too. She stayed with friends of mine who volunteered to have her join their two dogs, one of whom is a year-old pit bull and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix half again Penny's size, so she got to do lots of romping around and playing. (See video.) In related news, I'm going to discover soon how well Penny handles baths.


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