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LiveJournal has stopped letting you keep going back and back and back forever on your friends page to read the things your friends (and assorted syndication feeds) have posted since you last caught up, so it seems likely that I've missed some posts -- for probably the first time ever. Not much I can do about it. Sorry. I'm caught up back to sometime on October 4th, which is as far back as I can get today. Before that I had probably gotten caught up on the 2nd or thereabouts, so I should only really have missed a day or two worth of posts. Oh well.

The conference trip to Buffalo, my first work travel in a year and a quarter of my new job, was excellent! I almost felt as though I should've been out drinking more, and later, along with everyone, but I was already on a sleep deficit and getting sloshed just didn't feel like the thing to do. So, I didn't go to sleep later than 2am for any of the trip (even though the bars are open until 4am in Buffalo and some others definitely took advantage of that) and even got to bed about 12:30 one night.

Niagara Falls at NightSome seriously awesome food, though, and I tagged along with some folks I hadn't yet met who were heading to Niagara Falls the evening we got to town. I've seen Niagara Falls before, most recently a quick stop one Sunday afternoon on the way back from Dave's birthday party in Ontario, but I'm pretty sure this was the first time I got to see the Falls at night.

Penny spent the five days I was away staying with friends who have two dogs of their own, and were going to be in and out of town and so had already lined up a petsitter. They have a doggy door out into their fenced-in back yard, so the dogs get to go in and out whenever they please. Penny met Fido, their year-old pit bull and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, a couple of days earlier, and they instantly hit it off. Their other dog is an older, smaller dog, who just isn't into romping any more, and Fido seemed to love having a playmate for a few days.

She came back, um, a little beiger than before! So I decided to figure out how to give her a bath, as noted in my last post. It worked out OK. She wouldn't get in the tub, but would sit in the bathroom while I kneeled in a couple inches of warm water and used a washcloth to clean her off. She even loves the getting toweled off part. Shiny happy puppy.
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