Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"From White Plains" (210.0)

I can't think of the last time I went to see a play in Ithaca, and I honestly can't imagine why I never bother. Ithaca has some seriously great theatre, and even before I was unemployed for six months, with lingering (permanent?) broke-ness, I rarely got around to it.

I know I made it to a couple of the local alumni association's dinner-and-theatre events, but the last time may be over five years ago. I can come up with that rough estimate because I know one of those events was the same day I picked up my new lease car, and I know it wasn't the last one. :-) The time before that I'm sure I was at a play at Cornell, it was when beeeej still lived in town. We both wished we could walk out, but it was in the small black box theatre, we were in the front row, and the exit was on the opposite side of the room, so it would've been pretty damn conspicuous.

But mostly, theatre in town is awesome! The Hangar Theatre is the biggest local one, but the Kitchen Theatre does some great shows as well. Last week, I got to review their latest production, "From White Plains," on the first preview night. I was doing the review for WVBR, but was able to publish an expanded version in 14850 Magazine, as well.

Last week, an Oregon man was struck and killed on a Colorado road, months into a cross-country walk in memory of his son. It was a tragic twist to the story of the gay teen, who died in January after hanging himself to escape years of bullying. That news was fresh in my mind as I watched "From White Plains," a play by Michael Perlman whose characters explore high school bullying and homophobia.

( Opening Night: "From White Plains" at the Kitchen Theatre... )

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