Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Serves me right for listening to WVBR (206.6)

I even knew, and reported to the program director, that WVBR was transmitting silence last night for some reason, but when I went to bed it didn't occur to me that I should set a backup to my clock radio so I could wake up this morning.

So, I woke up when my clock radio stopped obediently playing the silence they were transmitting, and the music kicked in, at 9:30. Oops! I'd actually woken up at 6am, probably due to the heavy rain. Penny heard me moving around and came to join me, and eventually I fell asleep again. Just as well; if I slept until 9:30 I must've needed the sleep! Of course, one factor is that I've got a stereotypically lazy pit bull! If she were the sort of dog who gets insistent about being fed or walked at the same time every morning, she'd have let me know I was late getting moving! As it is, she's happy to laze around as late as I do.

Luckily, no one expects to see me at 9am (my official hours are 10-6) and most of my office was out at a diversity presentation that I'd decided to skip, so I was able to get the usual stuff done this morning (including recording a new restaurant review for WVBR) and make my way to campus eventually.

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