Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Six Degrees (207.2)

octanez just mused in IRC that I'm probably only two degrees from Kevin Bacon. Considering how many actors I've met at cons or in other random contexts, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

OK, thanks to IMDB, I've confirmed I am two degrees from Kevin Bacon. I met John Lithgow a couple of years ago, when he was in town helping his mother move. He was at the bar at Northstar Public House watching a baseball game, and during a commercial when he was looking around the room, I decided it was as good a moment as any to go say hi. He was very pleasant to talk to, and since it was right in the middle of the season of "Dexter" he was in, I complimented him on that work. He said it was some of the most fun he's had acting in years.

There may be other people that put me two degrees from Kevin Bacon, but this one will do for now.
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