Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Blood drive fail (206.8)

I feel pretty silly. I mis-remembered when this week's blood drive at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Fall Creek was, and showed up down there to find the building locked. Their blood drives have almost always been on Thursday as far as I can remember, but this time it was on Tuesday. Oh well! Next drive there isn't until late January. :-P

I love going to the drives there because the little old church ladies bring homemade baked goods to stock the canteen table for snacks after you donate! :-D Their brownies and cookies are crazy good, and a real step up from the packaged stuff that's always donated for blood drives.

When I got back to campus, there was a sign at the corner saying there was a blood drive today at Robert Purcell Community Center, the student union nearby, but when I walked in there was no sign of a blood drive. There was even still a sign on the door with an arrow pointing to the left. Apparently they leave the signs up a lot.

There's also a blood drive at Barton Hall until 5pm, but I'm not sure it's worth going all the way across campus. I wasted enough time already today. I'm sure there'll be some early December drives, and the holiday season always needs donors.

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